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I just shared the second part of 'Notes on Zamboanga' --- como ya promete/as promised. In the meanwhile I read a very interesting piece (file) on the origin of Zamboanga's Chabacano, the one in Spanish language. Right away this thought came floating by: how easy it is now to get info/data on anything 'under the sun.' All you have to do is go to your browser's 'search' and ask what you need: click, click, click! Before, it took me half a decade to collect what I put down here and will be putting down, hopefully, more much later. I recall interviews (some not going so well, my being an amateur), and recalling those that did go well like those with Adolfo 'Cabo Negro' Navarro, old folks, of Santa Maria, Tetuan, Tumaga, Guiwan, and Labuan coastal village, and my own father, and checking libraries shelves, indexes, etc., of ADZU and Xavier University in Cagayan de Oro City, and going Iloilo to verify the info I got that Spanish last governor-genera Rios passed by there before Zamboanga, indeed saw pictures of the town'srebels at the Iloilo museum, and the many trips to Manila's museum, libraries, including Jefferson's, and two-three to Notre Dame of Jolo's library. And you have to write down with a pen/pencil, each one, the data you want from them. No internet then, no tiny camera which you could hide inside your cuffs to copy notes, because if you bring in a standard camera, which was all we had then, the librarian, often be-spectacled and the nervous type, acted as if you were bringing a time-bomb in; and so it was all write, write down by hand all and everything. And worse, libraries and museums always never would allow you to to borrow/take any books out, even if you bring in a leg of lechon (we didn't have McDonald's, Kentucky's, Jolly-Bee, for Christsake. It was always travel, travel, taking your own photos, interviews, and every single note you got written down by hand. Susmariosep!      

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Did General Vicente Alvarez get married and have children ? I have read a lot about his parents and upwards and about his death but no mention of his immediate family.


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