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More than Houses and Places


Author Ed Canlas in his book, Camiguin Island in Mindanao and the Houses of My Life, takes us into houses and places and activities that most travelogue writers and journalists could not even come close to, and he tells of them with longing and felt-feeling and sentimentality and wit, and a very sharp eye. But they are not just houses and places and activities, in Camiguin Island, or  wherever, which you as a traveler/tourist can see across a span of water on a pleasant day from Kinoguitan Punta, if you’re in Cagayan de Oro City, and standing there at the Punta under a clear and glorious sky. O yes, not what’s usually in one’s mind, for the book surpasses these mental and physical pictures, and houses he had built and he had to leave, reluctantly, and the mundane images, unabashed, and places like the hot spring in Mambajao, where you could boil an egg for breakfast, or as a child out of impish curiosity, and the submerged cemetery, in Bonbon, made more apart and distinguished by an algae-ed pointed cross, and of course the volcanoes, O Jesus! all those omnipresent volcanoes, nearly everywhere one turns and looks. Not at all these, much more than these; it is that which brings us to realize that these deluded images serve much more, as they engender and stimulate the very foundation of spiritual and moral birth/rebirth, and too the more scathing and truly stirring path to understanding and the reaching and arriving at the point in all quiteness and finality ¾ the ford to understanding and faith and love of fellowmen. - Antonio Enriquez, author, novel Samboangan: the Cult of War       

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