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January 27 2012 6 27 /01 /January /2012 06:42

For sam 3 decayds now ay hav bin doing reserch on Zamboanga's history, & from it hav published 1 novel, "Samboangan: the Cult of War," UP Press, Dilliman, Quezon City (ay 4 gat da yer). Presently, ay am working on anoder historical novel, "Betrayal" (working title "The Siege of Fort Pillar").

In all those years of reserch no where did ay find eny data dat Datu Mandi was da ally of Gen. Vicente Alvarez in his siege & capture of Fort Pillar from den da last Spanish Philippine governor general, Don Diego delos Rios, and was Alvarez's ally against da invading American forces in Zamboanga; but on da contrary found rather da oposit, dat is, da datu was wid both, da Spaniards and da Americans. Ay markt dis data as was found in da manuscript entitled "The Revolt of General Vicente Alvarez ...," submited as the writer's masterial or doctoreal thesis by da author Rony Bautista, & wc as aprovt by da UST (?) thesis board; the scholar Bautista got his degree.

 Anoder asersion IS 2 giv honors 2 Datu Nuno 4 his heroic role in Zamboanga's history, tho it is nat clear 4 wat & wen exakly was da exemplari deed ; 4 da saym role as Datu Mandi's? Dis was aserted sam where in da Zamboanga.com, if ay am nat mistayken.


Sins ay am about 2 finish my historical novel of Gen. Vicente Alvarez (begun years, years bak), may ay riquest da consernd authors 2 coment on dem: wer datus Nuno & Mandi an ally of da Spaniards? the Americans? Or of Gen. Vicente Alvarez? 

Credible sources of da above wud be apreciated & acknowledgt.






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